what is it about people who create music?

Why do people who create music:  write it, play it, etc. have no business sense?  Why will they sign away everything for that first gig, record deal, film score job, band performance?  Why do they fear lawyers, even those on their side?  Why do they want someone else to fight for them even when they won’t do any fighting themselves?  It’s lunacy.  They cling to their midi files and musical instruments, and despair over how people want their music for free.  What do they expect?  It seems to be a holy trinity:  music creators don’t know about the business, they don’t want to know about the business and they don’t want to be told that they ought to want to know about the business.


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One Response to “what is it about people who create music?”

  1. alunatunes Says:

    Little by little, I hope to be able to help musicians understand the music business. You are right. So many simply don’t get it. I hope you’ll drop by my site and let me know if i’m on the right track!
    thanks for your insight.

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