new web based legal services announced

Attorney Brian Lee Corber Launches Music Legal Services Site
Posted On July 14, 2008 @ 6:16 pm In Industry News film music magazine 
Veteran Los Angeles music attorney Brian Lee Corber has announced the launch of the [1] website and the availability of document and contract review and other services available for instant purchase via the Internet.
Corber, who has practiced law for over 25 years, represents clients in the music industry and writes and speaks at industry events about music law topics including areas of interest to musicians and film and television composers. He is best known for his work on behalf of ghostwriter Daniel Kolton who claimed authorship of years of music composing work on the “Hercules”, “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Young Hercules” television series. He has also worked as a legal a dvisor to industry organizations including Just Plain Folks, The Film Music Network, The Webcaster Alliance, and others.
The new website offers highly focused industry legal services packaged at special rates to enable musicians at all levels of the industry access to legal services. A question answering service is available for specific business and legal questions, including questions about specific legal language and what it may mean to a musician entering into a deal. A detailed answer is provided by email that addresses the specific legal question in the context of the person asking the question.
A document review service is available from the [1] website where Corber analyzes music industry contracts, synchronization licenses, master licenses, deal memos, publishing agreements, record label agreements, band/group partnership agreements, and other music industry documents. The analysis offers comments on how favorable the document treats the musician, composer or songwriter, and highlights any problematic areas of the document which may include missing elements that are standard in the industry, elements that may be disadvantageous or exploitative, and more.
“I am doing this because I want to be able to bring affordable legal services to more people in the music industry. A music creator or artist ought not to be in the dark about a contract being proposed to them, vulnerable to the demands of=2 0the other party without even knowing what they’re giving up, let alone knowing what they are getting. Simply put, musicians deserve to have a better idea about what they’re signing,” said Corber.
Corber continued, “The most important time to fight for yourself is at the beginning. The best thing would be to be represented by an attorney at the contract stage, but attorneys can be expensive – and some artists and writers are hesitant to consult with an attorney. By reducing the cost and making it user friendly via the internet where you don’t have to worry about going to an office or paying a high cost for the consultation, I hope to give those who can least afford the services of an attorney some protection and advice going into the contract stage of their careers.”
For more information or immediate access to CorberLaw legal services, visit [1]


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