the 4th Reich is alive in america

A comment from the internet:

I don’t know if anybody else saw the piece on ABC last night just before Obama’s acceptance speech, but it told of how the RIAA and MPAA have spent billions of dollars this week and plant again next week lavishing gifts and perks upon candidates and delegates to push new legislation to combat alleged piracy of movies and music.

One interviewee mentioned that the new set of laws they intend to run through Washington in January will make it possible for the RIAA or MPAA to seize your computer or MP3 player if you burn purchased music or video from such a device and they don’t get a royalty.

They are pushing for felony charges to be attached to such burning as well.

Imagine you go out and buy a DVD for $30 and you “rip” it so you can put it on your iPod to watch while you’re on a six hour flight. You can lose your iPod, your PC, the DVD you purchased, and you could face up to five years in prison if the RIAA, MPAA and ISPs like comcast who’ll report you have their way.

How much is enough?

I seem to recall that the price differential between music blank CD-Rs and regular computer CD-R blanks was attributable to a royalty for the recording of music on the blank music CD-R.

So, in adition to ruining the american system of justice, the RIAA and MPAA want to steal your equipment and put you in jail.  They can try to pull my PC away from MY COLD DEAD hands!

Ah, yes, from them, the Nazis could learn.



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