another way to market your music?

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Band Launches Online ‘Reality’ Dating Site
[07-17-2008] Music Industry News Network Url:

London, 15th July 2008: The band Georgia Wonder have today announced the launch of their very own online dating website Would Love To Meet You (

Would Love To Meet You is what the band call a ‘reality’ dating site which actively encourages people to look as dreadful as possible online, thus avoiding the heart-stopping dissapointment and embarassing quick getaways of those tricky first meetings.

Stephanie Grant, lead singer of Georgia Wonder ( said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer our fans the chance to interact with people who may be as scary in the morning as we are. We hope that our new dating site can inspire a new generation of dating hopefuls to put down Photoshop and share with each other the true reality of what they have to offer, even if it is a bit scary. We want our users to see each other’s bad side in the wrong light at the worst possible angle before they commit to meeting in person.”

Julian Moore, the other half of Georgia Wonder, said: “We have also employed the services of dating advice expert Chichi Gigoli to help with the site. There are a lot of people out there who may be ashamed of what they really look like, but his invaluable advice can turn a no-hoper into dating gold, even if they do look a bit funny.”

About Georgia Wonder

Georgia Wonder sound like The Carpenters driving Tom Petty to an R.E.M. gig but getting crushed under the wheels of Pink Floyd’s tour bus while arguing over whether to listen to ‘Love Shack’ by the B52’s or ‘Go your own way’ by Fleetwood Mac.

For more information please contact:
Julian Moore
07806 786 120
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    Very interesting article , even and did not think what is a possible read off such pleasure , thank you author

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