is it true? Bush to get job with RIAA after leaving office?


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George W. Bush to head new RIAA unit?

p2pnet exclusive| RIAA News:- With US elections close and almost ex-US president George W. Bush about to move back into the corporate sector, p2pnet has learned he probably won’t be vanishing from public view.

Bush’s administration has been conspicuous in its support of the corporate entertainment cartels and if our information is correct, his unswerving devotion is about to pay off.

A little while back, Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony BMG’s RIAA and IFPI came close to being merged, and it was probably just as well the plan didn’t come off.

Recording Industry Association of America International Federation of Phonographic Industry would have been a bit of a mouthful.

But the Big 4 have come up with a solution.

Until now, they’ve been using the services of MediaSentry to do their sleuthing.

However, the company has been sliding down the greasy slope for quite some time, witness its failure to protect China’s online offerings during the recent Beijing Olympics.

Thus, “The RIAA has decided not to waste any more money,” says our source.

“Instead, they’re setting up their own faux private investigation unit with George W. Bush mooted as its chairman and chief executive officer.”

Called Associated Security Section, Homeland Operations Local Enterprise Services, funding will be provided by major entertainment industry interests and a private company headquartered in Saudi Arabia, we understand.

Employees, drawn from enforcement agency retirees from around the world, will be bonded and licensed as private investigators in the US and elsewhere.

Donald ‘Al Quaeda’ Runsfeld will run the interrogation section.

‘We’ll cooperate with, and assist, national and international police in their quests to halt copyright crime,” says a spokeswoman, who preferred not to be named.

Staff will be seconded to the new unit from the RIAA, IFPI, BPI, Apple, Microsoft and the SPCA, she goes on.

Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper has been approached to become Bush’s deputy if, as is expected, his Conservative government is ousted during the upcoming Canadian federal elections, she adds.


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