Does the RIAA represent you?

There seems to be a grand illusion fostered by the RIAA. First, that it represents recording artists. That’s untrue. It represents principally the biggest “record” companies: sony, BMG, EMI and Universal (Uni). Second: that it represents american interests. Also untrue: All the companies are located overseas. So what the RIAA is trying to do in Congress is: take money from radio broadcasters in the USA and give it away to foreign conglomerates. Members of Congress are waking up to this reality and siding against attempts to enact a peforming right in commercial recordings for performers payable by terrestrial radio. That money will go overseas into the coffers of the big record companies based overseas and maybe, one day, it may trickle down to artists signed to those labels. Do you believe in the tooth fairy? Then maybe you’ll get some of that money.


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