what I do for musicians etc

First of all you can reach my website which has introductory services at low prices at:

http://indiemusiclaw.com               or


There I answer single, straight-forward questions (no elaborations, backtories, or multi-part questions)        

about music, entertainment and show biz.

I also review contracts (they have to be in pdf or doc formats and no more than 6 pages, 12 point type.  Longer contracts cost more money.

If you want more elaborate services you should send me an e-mail giving me a BRIEF idea what you want, please no backstories or attachments and I will give you a quoted fee.  If you are looking for free services, keep looking.  I don’t work for free.  I also don’t work on a percentage or contingency basis.  You should probably already be an established talent or business person since I am hesitant to represent necomers who have no credentials. 


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