the alternate world of “show biz”

There is a 6th dimension, displaced one molecule to the left from the real world, beyond that which is known to man.  It is a dimension         of sight, of sound, of special effects  and it lies between the pit and the pendulum.  Its citizens all act like 6 year olds, whining all the time, but strive to look in their 20s even after death.  No one is allowed to question anything or anyone because that is rude; everything and everyone must be accepted on faith at face value.  Those who have no talent act like they have the most talent.  Everyone is larger than life itself, with a mouth to match.  Many have African sounding names which are actually based on Jewish foods.  Everyone must agree that the same music is the best music even though it really sucks.  Everyone must applaud all the dumb movies because they cost so much to make.  All musicians think they’re entitled to everything possible.  You must give them your time to listen to their latest crap and then must tell them how wonderful it is because criticism is not allowed in show biz.  More as time goes on here, on linked-in, facebook and twitter.  Show biz is a silly place.


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