court orders civilization to shut down!

The heirs to the estates of Da Vinci, Galileo, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Newton and countless others have filed a class action seking retroactive imposition of patent, copyright  and trademark laws on their ancestors’ works.  They are seeking that all persona and busines entities who have stood and are continuing to stand on the shoulders of their family members need to stop doing that immdiately.  They also sought $100 quadrillion in damages past present and future from the governments of all countries of the world,. 

As such, the judge ordered that civilization be enjoined from continuing and cease and desist operations forthwith.


3 Responses to “court orders civilization to shut down!”

  1. jk Says:

    This is fascinating! What do you think of it? I can understand the families point. And what did the judge determine in plain ol english?

    • corberlaw Says:

      My post was a joke. It just seems to me that we forget how much we owe the historical figures for our world today and if they had the kind of rights people are trying to assert today, we’d have no civilization.

      • jk Says:

        boy do i feel smart!!!!I think it is a very valid point though & certainly makes for a better case than suing McDonalds for hot coffee burns!!! I appreciate your thought provoking posts.

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