Everyone’s a musician

With all of the toys and toold tody, everyone can be a musician.  No talent is necessary–in fact, having talent is a nusiance.  All you have to do is let the progrm control, and just make it loud and nonsensical.  Voila, music!  It you write lyrics, they don’t have to rhyme or make sense.  If you cn’t thuink of a subjedt remember tht in rap, booty and muurder are always well received.  Oh, yeah, and sound angry.  That’s the ticket.  In the b.g., create a 1-2-3 music loop of bout 3-5 seconds and you’re done.

Then upload it to some music site and fame awaits you.

And with more and more of you doing the same, music will be cheper and cheper and no one will be able to make any money from it, so no one will be able to register a copyright and then music won’t be protcted and it’ll diappear.

Then we an get back to something good  BACH!




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